Charmaine Soljak

Charmaine Soljak

I'm Charmaine Soljak, your host on The Hits Northland!

18years ago I moved to Northland, got married and had kids here because it was warm and boasted the best coastline in the country to sail on and dive in. We bought a big lifestyle block with a monster orchard, a Young 88 racing yacht and are living the dream.

I’m the super proud mum of 3 incredible humans.  Letitia the most successful 27year old daughter in the universe, Tamihana 13 and wants to join the Navy tomorrow, Sophia 11, the most ridiculously beautiful and kind kid I know.

We’ve got a bunch of animals, cats, dog/aka the wolf, horses.  We’re part of a dairy farm where nobody drinks milk.  I love to cook and am an accomplished traditional Maori weaver; you’ll see my art at our national museum Te Papa. I like eating most things old Maori people like eating which terrifies my work mates and I’d love to talk to you about it on air.

I love the sea, surfing, sailing, scuba diving, sunbathing... gathering a feed and I want you to take this as a warm invite to drop any excess fish, Cray, etc into me at the radio station. I’ve studied martial arts since I was 6, trained in Karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and flirted with others. I like knives and have a black belt in shopping and don’t mind training for a half marathon so I’m fit enough to get to the sales faster!

I look forward to laughing my head off with you and sharing your day. 

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