Here's how to avoid the painful 'avocado hand' injury sending hundreds of Kiwis to A&E ...

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Tuesday, 15 January 2019, 9:00AM

Make sure you're careful cutting avocados at those summer BBQs because it can be more dangerous than you think!

According to ACC 420 people made claims involving avocados in 2018, which is the highest number of avo-related injuries in the last three years.


It seems 'avocado hand' is still a thing, with more than $320,000 being spent on ACC claims for lacerations, and punctures due to people accidentally slicing their hands instead of the delicious green fruit.

Even celebrities arenโ€™t immune ...

In 2015, Kiwi singer Brooke Fraser revealed she had suffered an avo-hand incident which left her needing hand surgery.

"For everyone who's been asking, I was cutting an avocado a few days ago when the knife slipped and kinda sorta went through my hand," she shared at the time.

"Had successful surgery today to repair the nerve I severed so I WILL be able to play music again!"

Thankfully, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has the perfect trick for avoiding this surprisingly common injury.

In a post to Twitter Jamie urged people to "just put it on a board" instead of holding the avocado in their hand while they cut.

Smart advice! Hopefully, 2019 sees fewer avo-hand injuries for all of us!