DUNEDIN: Where to find the best Cheese Roll cafes in Dunedin for the Cheese Roll-a-thon!

We are on a mission to find the best Cheese Roll in Dunedin for the ‘cheese roll a thon’!

The below cafes are making cheese rolls this week and donating a percentage of their sales to the Pledge for Plunket.

Make sure you check them out and head in to try their delicious rolls!

Votes last updated on Saturday 15th 9am.

Governors Cafe - Traditional Cheese Roll - 157 votes

Dinkum cafe - Traditional Cheese Roll - 21 votes

The Rope and Twine - Cheese Roll with a twist - 61 votes

Hungry Hobos - Jumbo Garlic Bread Cheese Roll - 317 votes

Ironic on George - Traditional Southland cheese and onion roll - 133 votes

If you are part of a parenting/coffee group, make your local ‘meet-up’ spot a café participating in the cheese roll a thon! Then taste, judge and submit  your favourite cheese roll vote below.

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