SOUTH ISLAND: The Great Cheese Roll-a-thon!

At The Hits we've been on a mission to find the best Cheese Rolls in the South Island for the ‘cheese roll a thon’!

The below cafes participated by making cheese rolls and donating a percentage of their sales to the Pledge for Plunket.

Congratulations to our winner Hungry Hobos!

Seriously Good Chocolate Company - Chocolate Cheese Roll - 6 votes

Industry Cafe - Traditional Cheese Roll & a Chorizo and Bacon one - 212 votes

Charlies kitchen - Traditional Cheese Roll - 8 votes

The Bakery - Is it two cheese rolls or one? You will have to come try one to find out! - 110 votes

Governors Cafe - Traditional Cheese Roll - 330 votes

Dinkum cafe - Traditional Cheese Roll - 27 votes

The Rope and Twine - Cheese Roll with a twist - 73 votes

Hungry Hobos - Jumbo Garlic Bread Cheese Roll - 682 votes

Ironic on George - Traditional Southland cheese and onion roll - 660 votes

Thanks again for your support, we really appreciate it!