FULL: Introducing The Level 3 Adult Hotline...

Publish Date
Friday, 3 September 2021, 5:44PM

Yes, you read that correctly. if you're in Level 4 right now and dreaming about being in Level 3, boy do we have something for you. Just you wait. It's worth it. We were also joined by TWO OF THE GREATS, the two lead stars of the critically acclaimed 1pm press conference! Ashley Bloomfield & Jacinda Ardern. We spoke to Ashley about what went through his mind when Chris Hipkins told the nation to spread their legs, and we spoke to Aunty Cindy about whether she actually is an aunty in real life, and she gave us a lovely little insight into her family! As well as this, we learnt that Ben's daughters listen to the radio FAR too much. They know ALL THE JINGLES, and Ben brought some evidence to the show. Enjoy the poddy!