Apprentice 7: Hayden Watty from One Forty One

Publish Date
Friday, 4 June 2021, 10:51AM

Meet Marlborough Apprentice #7, Hayden Watty from One Forty One!

Why did you get into your industry?

I was a painter/decorator before coming to One Forty One. I needed a career change & the sawmill has offered me a range of challenges, learning the bin sorter & stacker at the mill. With the apprenticeship I will be moving through the mill and will become an operator in the machine centres, cutting the logs and boards.

How long have you been in your industry?

6 years. 

Highlights of working in your industry?

I work with a great team & get a lot of support from the management team. With the timber shortages around we are being kept very busy! One Forty One sends timber around New Zealand as well as exports to a range of countries. The mill is a skill-based mill, which means that the company provides a lot of opportunity for learning trades and the more you learn the more you move up through the company.

About One Forty One:

At One Forty One we are ‘the creative fibre group’ and as a forest industry leader we are driving to redefine the value of fibre in Australia and NZ, exploring new ground for the industry and extracting value from every cell of fibre, from every tree planted.

One Forty One is fortunate to have high quality assets in the Nelson/Tasman/Marlborough regions of NZ. The soils, climate and past management practices have allowed the growth of an internationally renowned forest, which produces very high-quality logs, and at the Kaituna Sawmill we are developing a processing plant that is internationally competitive.

Notwithstanding the assets, none of this comes to anything without people. Our team in Australia and NZ share a collective mindset that is energised, anticipates, is respectful and pioneering. Our skills as managers and stewards of the forest resource, and our sawmilling assets, are the most valuable resource we have.

It is through our combined efforts that we will ensure the current and future profitability of the business. At all times, always remember we are a team working towards a common goal and vision. We support and help each other.


Join us at Moa Brewery Cellar Door on Friday June 11th from 3:30PM and watch Hayden compete in a variety of challenges for the title of Marlborough Apprentice and the $1,000 prize money, plus an NZME advertising package for his business! 

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