Apprentice 9: Toby Lloyd from Paragon

Publish Date
Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 11:29AM

Meet Marlborough Apprentice #9, Toby Lloyd from Paragon Gas and Plumbing!

After having a few different jobs when I was younger, I decided that now was the time to start settling down and thinking about a long-term career.

Why did you get into your industry?

I have always been interested in fault finding and fixing things, even as a kid, but I never really considered becoming a plumber until I met Laura and Josh.

How long have you been in your industry?

I started my apprenticeship back in March, so I am still quite new to the industry, but I’m hoping to stick with it for life!

Highlights of working in your industry?

After a short trial period, I realised how much I enjoyed it so when the opportunity to do an apprenticeship arose, I grabbed it with both hands! 

About Paragon Gas and Plumbing:

My favourite things so far would probably be underfloor heating, it’s so satisfying! Plus, I kind of like getting under houses as well. Overall though, I have been welcomed into a great team who I love working alongside, so I could be unblocking toilets and I would still love my job!


Join us at Moa Brewery Cellar Door on Friday June 11th from 3:30PM and watch Toby compete in a variety of challenges for the title of Marlborough Apprentice and the $1,000 prize money, plus an NZME advertising package for his business! 

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