Reusable Swanndri shopping bags are now a thing and we are so excited about it

What Kiwi doesn’t love a classic Swanndri?

Well, now the New Zealand outdoor apparel company have lent their signature look to something that every manly man and plaid-loving lady will want to get their hands on.

Swanndri has teamed up with New World and The Hits to create the quintessential shopping bag, perfect for every Kiwi’s supermarket trip.

And with New Zealand’s recent ban on single-use plastic bags, these versatile and reusable bags couldn’t have come at a better time with!

The Swanndri Bag is made from an environmentally-friendly and super durable material called jute and comes in three iconic colours, red, blue and green and will retail for just $5.

You can pick one up at your local New World nationwide very soon!