WIN our Deadly Ponies handbag!

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 11:09AM

You may have been following the story on-air..

Brodie has a Deadly Ponies handbag, Fitzy doesn't get why people would spend $850 on an accessory.. We spoke to a few listeners, and found that they're in hot demand!

We asked the boss for $850 to buy one for a giveaway... He said no, so it was time to get crafty...

We have 5 main bosses here at NZME so we asked each of them for a small amount of money for different things:


We need new headphones - $200 from Todd (Boss of The Hits)

Taxi reimbursed from Auckland - $160 from Avo (South Island boss)               

Meeting potential new clients - $200 from Greg (South Island GM)

New piece of kit to share with Adam and Eve in the studio - $200 from Ross (ZM boss)

We’ve been on-air three months..  Let’s celebrate with a morning tea for the office! $100 from Boggsy (NZME CEO)


Total - $850!!!


We have the bag - now we want to give it away! 

This isn't your typical radio competition - we want you to be selfish. Do you just like the colour? Is it your style? Tell us here!

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