Former All Black Ben Smith and his wife Katie Smith took on the Alpha Quiz

Callum and P got a huge surprise when All Black Ben Smith and his wife Katie Smith called up to take on the Alpha Quiz!

Listen above to see how they did! ... 

How do you think you would have fared with today's Alpha Quiz? 

The Alpha Quiz Questions (Hint: All the answers start with the letter 'K'):

  1. Megaupload was a filesharing service founded by WHO?
  2. NAME a popular brand of soy sauce?
  3. WHAT South Island coastal town was cut off by the 2017 earthquakes?
  4. WHICH kids' toy is a ball with hundreds of multi-coloured rubber strands?
  5. A popular Netflix food documentary is Forks Over WHAT?
  6. In WHICH Asian city is the Petronas Twin Towers located?
  7. NAME one of the Kardashian sisters?
  8. Are there more Kangaroos or more Koalas in Australia?
  9. The NBA basketball team is the New York WHAT?
  10. WHAT was Sixpence None The Richer’s most successful song?

(Answers below)


  1. Kim Dot Com
  2. Kikkoman
  3. Kaikoura
  4. Koosh Ball
  5. Knives
  6. Kuala Lumpur
  7. Kim, Khloe or Kourtney
  8. Kangaroos
  9. Knicks 
  10. Kiss Me