The Man Cave: With Callum, Fish & Loagz

Publish Date
Thursday, 2 June 2016, 1:54PM

Chatting about all things manly every week after 8:30am on a Thursday!

This week’s stuff for Thurs June 2nd

Loagz – “Coming into winter I’m looking for anything to keep warmer and I’ve found these. Check out “Beard-Heads” which is a knitted beard cap. It’s essentially a full-faced beanie with a wrap-around beard excellent for the freezing winter months....look ‘em up”.

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Fish  - “I’ve got a great video this week. A guy called Danny MacAskill riding his BMX bike on roof-tops in Rio. It’s an insane watch – I don’t know how he has the balls to do it balancing his bike on narrow concrete walls several stories above the ground. It’s taking BMX to the extreme. It’s amazing what humans can do.”

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Callum – “A brothel in the US is now offering to its clients Game of Thrones fantasy nights. They’re available at the “Bunny Ranch” in Nevada (that’s where Lamar Odom nearly died last year). Clients are invited to watch the Sunday night episode before carrying on afterwards with “bedroom activities”. Just as long as they don’t offer the Theon Greyjoy experience!”

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