Anika Moa's emotional and hilarious drop-off of baby girl Marigold at Kōhanga

Dropping your baby off at daycare can be a hard time for any parent.

And the same is true for Anika Moa who admitted she had a tough time after dropping off her darling daughter Marigold at Kōhanga.

"I was so upset but I had to be strong for her," Anika said explaining that her baby girl had cried a lot when it was time for her to leave.

Anika says she then burst into tears too once she made it to the car.

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However, the next day, when Anika was gearing up for another emotional drop-off, but this time Marigold was completely chill and unphased …

Who would've thought that your child NOT crying when you drop them off would be a bad thing?!

Watch Anika explain what went down above!

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