Watch: Anika Moa gets teary hearing beautiful surprise birthday message from her children

Kiwi singer Anika Moa was brought to tears live on the radio this week after hearing a beautiful surprise birthday message from her children.

Moa was overcome by emotion while working on The Hits afternoon drive show when host Mike Puru played her a recorded voice message from two of her kids.

Video of the moment shows the popular musician, and television and radio personality, get teary almost as soon as she hears the voices of her young twin sons Barry and Taane.

The two boys proved singing runs in the family as they took turns crooning Happy Birthday down the line to their mum in both te reo and English.

"Hi mum, I know it's your birthday so I'm going to sing you happy birthday in Māori," said Barry.

Tane followed, saying: "Hi, it's Tane, and I wish you a happy birthday." He then spilt the beans on how old his proud mum was – despite her attempts to stop him from revealing her age.

"Happy birthday to Mumma, happy birthday to you – and you're turning 39! Hip hip hooray!"

Anika wiped tears from her eyes and noted Puru had also been caught up in the emotion of the moment.

"That brought tears to my eyes. I love my kids so much. You're crying!" she said.

"I know, because you got upset. What beautiful children," Mike replied.

This article was first published on NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.