February 04 - Intervening The Day Before A Wedding!?

Today we deep-dived into a bit of a dilemma. A friend of someone we work with is a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding, but she has a bit of an issue with the groom. Should she advise her friend against marrying him? It's a bit of an awkward situation! Both of us also had a medical exam yesterday and we BOTH had shockers (in terms of urine samples... Whoops). Finally, if you don't follow the Instagram account S**t You Should Care About, you really should. It's run by a couple of girls in Blenheim, boasts over 2 million followers and is followed by a bunch of celebrities. It's a modern-style news account that explains what's going on around the world that the mainstream media might not be picking up. Lucy Blakiston is one of the ladies behind it and we caught up with her!