Kiwi star Karl Urban reveals hardest moment of filming superhero series 'The Boys'

Karl Urban has a lot of big movies under his belt, including Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek.

Now the Kiwi actor is starring in the brand new season of Amazon Prime’s series, The Boys.

The dark comedy thriller follows a team of vigilantes - led by Karl’s character Billy Butcher – as they try to take down superheroes who are abusing their powers, one of which is portrayed by fellow Kiwi, Anthony Starr of Outrageous Fortunes fame.

"Two Kiwis in the same project, we’re having a lot of fun," Karl told Jono and Ben on air. "He does a great job, by the way, his character is probably the most psychologically complex and messed up on the show and he’s knocking it out of the park."

As well as praising his co-star, Karl also revealed that one of the hardest scenes he had to shoot in the action-packed series was a fight scene with an invisible person.

"That was actually really tricky to do because you know when you usually do a fight scene you can see the punch that’s coming at you," he said.

"To try and remember the choreography of something that’s not coming at you is a lot harder than you’d think."

The Boys season one and two are available now on Amazon Prime.

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