Laura McGoldrick's supermarket 'meltdown' is something every mother can relate to

Publish Date
Wednesday, 3 October 2018, 1:30PM

It’s a joy getting to see our children grow up … but do they have to do it so fast?!

Laura McGoldrick’s baby girl Harley has her first birthday this week, and it seems to have affected her in a way that every mother will be able to relate to.

"She’s going to be one and I’m really not sure where the 12 months as gone and I feel very emotional about it," Laura explained.

Recounting a trip to the supermarket, Laura admitted how she got hit with the feels big time after seeing a woman with her newborn baby.

After asking how old the little bub was – just 2 weeks – Laura went on to talk about Harley and her upcoming milestone before.

"You’ll blink and it’ll happen to you," Laura says she told the new "shell-shocked" mum.

"And then I just burst into tears," Laura continued, "I had tears streaming down my face."

"I had a full meltdown in the supermarket."

Aww, Laura! … You are definitely NOT the only mum to do this.