Sam Wallace reveals his partner is actually shocked by his 'Celebrity Treasure Island' antics

Celebrity Treasure Island "bad-boy" Sam Wallace has admitted that even his partner is shocked by his behaviour on the reality TV show.

Wallace says when he watches the show with Sarah Bowman she looks at him with a "who are you?" expression.

He blames that on the "interesting places" he has gone on the "crazy, twisted" ride.

Team Kahu's Wallace and Shannon Ryan will be fighting it out with Shane Cameron, Athena Angelou and Gary Freeman to make it to the last three on Tuesday night — with the aim of netting $100,000 for their chosen charity.

The atmosphere is poised to be tense with Wallace and Ryan unlikely to be on each other's dinner party lists once the show is over.

Since Wallace's island bestie Eric Murray left and the two teams became one, Wallace has been shunned. He says it's like being the unpopular kid at school.

Ryan, on the other hand, was happy to make new friends and create new loyalties.

That was almost inevitable after Wallace and Murray came under fire for underestimating their female competition.

"One thing that Eric and I have in common is that we are fiercely competitive," Wallace told Spy. "I said from the start I would beg, borrow, steal and eye-gouge to win. I'm not ashamed of being competitive. Some of the competition on the island didn't understand that mentality and I'm happy for them to win the fair play award.

"This was never about girls versus guys. From the very start, it was obvious to me that Shannon was the strongest player in the game. She has all the tools to win. She's well-liked, an athlete and very sharp."

Ryan suggests the shaky start she had with Wallace and Murray led to lasting animosity.

"You did see Sam put Eric and I, his only surviving teammates, up for an elimination battle so he could gain immunity from the 'enemy', right? The very mention of my being disloyal was, therefore, a play to gain favour in that moment."

Ryan and Wallace have provided the best TV moments, with Ryan's "Jedi mind tricks" and Wallace's fluke-filled strategy.

Ryan says the psychology of it, the whole microcosm of the relationships, is something that fascinates her and took away any sense of reality.

Wallace is trying to raise money for the Starship Foundation while Ryan's chosen charity is the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs.

Celebrity Treasure Island continues tonight at 7.30pm on TVNZ2.

This article was first published on Spy and is republished here with permission.