Sam Wallace spent his first weekend alone with newborn baby boy Brando ... and things got very messy

Publish Date
Monday, 11 March 2019, 2:30PM

Sam Wallace spent his first weekend alone taking care of his baby boy Brando and revealed that it ended up being harder than he thought it would be.

While his lovely partner Sarah Bowman was out of town visiting friends, Sam full embraced Dad Life … but he admits it wasn’t long until things started going wrong …

"I was cocky," Sam said. "I underestimated how tough it is as a dad on your own at home."

"So where did it all start going wrong? Well, first of all, we tapped out on the breast milk - we may have underestimated the demands of the wee baby, so I ended up having to make up a mixture … formula."

And it seems the formula didn’t quite sit right with baby Brando because he ended up throwing up all over the new dad. So much so that the spill even trickled all the way down the into the inside of Sam’s new shoes.

"He literally vomited on every piece of clothing we were both wearing with one spill," Sam said.

"But on the plus side, we did survive. Mum came home, that’s why Brando survived."