The five WORST things you can do during an appointment according to a Kiwi massage therapist

There are A LOT of dos and don’ts when going to visit a massage therapist.

First off, don’t confuse them with a masseuse, because these days that can be something quite different ... if you catch our drift.

Trained massage therapist Melanie divulged her profession peeves - the absolute WORST things someone can do when going for a relaxing massage.


Listen up, because you don't want to be ANY of these people

5. The pressure question avoider

As Kiwis, it’s in our nature to be people-pleasers and grin and bear an uncomfortable situation - but getting a massage shouldn’t be one of those situations! You know when your massage therapist asks if the pressure is OK? Well, they’re doing it for a reason and can tell if you’re lying when you say “fine” through gritted teeth. So next time speak out about what you want!

4. The body apologiser

We all have body issues in one form or another, but you know who doesn’t care what you look like? Your massage therapist! Whether you’re a little hairy or chubby, massage therapists really don’t mind and so there’s no need to be sorry for the way you look. Just lie down and enjoy your session rather than being preoccupied with how you look.

3. The no-show

Being a no-show for any type of appointment is just downright rude. There are other people who would gladly take your place if you don’t want it, so do the right thing and give your massage therapist a call! It will stop a lot of steam coming out of a lot of ears.

2. The creeper

So this is where things get a little awkward … A massage therapist is a PROFESSIONAL and their job is to work out the tension in your muscles … not in your privates. So please, if you are hoping for … other services … make sure you don’t mistake a massage therapist for a massage parlour! They are very, very different.

1. The sickie

How are you feeling? Not so well? Because if you are sick you should really be in bed NOT at an appointment with your massage therapist! They don’t want your germs – especially with winter getting closer. Call up, cancel your appointment and go visit your doctor instead.