Toni Street reveals awkward hospital story behind 6-year-old daughter's broken arm

Last week Toni Street revealed that her eldest daughter, Juliette had broken her arm for the first time … but it turns out there’s a little more to the story.

After falling from the monkey bars while on holiday in Whangamata, Toni and her family took the 6-year-old to the hospital.

Not only did Juju have her "bent" arm in a sling while sitting in the hospital’s waiting room, but the brave little girl also sported a "fat lip" from being sunburnt – which ended up looking quite suspicious to the nurse that approached them.

"A male nurse comes over to assess her," Toni explained. "[He] goes directly to Juliette – pretty much ignores Matt and [me], who are sitting either side.

Photo / Instagram

"And I thought, 'oh this is weird that he's doing that, I wonder why he’s doing that' ... and then I looked at my child and she's got quite sunburnt lips to the point that it looks like she has a fat lip!

"So we’re bringing our child in, with what looks like a fat lip and a broken arm …"

The nurse then proceeded to ask Juju about her broken arm and red lip, and - much to Toni’s surprise – if she had "any other injuries".

"And at this stage, it’s just dawned on me that it looks like I’ve brought in a child that looks like it’s been … knocked around a bit."

While Toni had a "dented pride" from the experience, the mother-of-three says she was "stoked" and "glad" with the nurse’s actions and said that’s exactly how the system should work.