Song for a Suburb - Glengarry!

Publish Date
Thursday, 9 June 2016, 9:25AM

We kicked off song for a Suburb today.  This is where James and Liv put their song writing skills to the test and have an hour to write a song for a Suburb or Town as chosen by you. This morning it was Glengarry up first.


These are the lyrics.........



There’s lots to see

Get your Fish & Chips for tea


If you need some clothes

They’ve got  the place to go

Habitat for Humanity


Become a star

At Eastern Suburb Sports Bar

You sing Bon Jovi, why yay aye?

Oh, nobody cares

You’re crap at Karaoke


Glengarry’s Pharmacy

Is the place to be

Get your drugs and your jewellery

Cheapest fuel in town

And the kids playground

Is made of rubber, you can bounce around


Yes Glengarry

It used to have a Laundry

We’re not sure if it’s still



Oh please, come and see