Song for a Suburb - Riverton!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 22 June 2016, 10:59AM

Our 3rd Song for a suburb happened this morning and we had an hour to write a song about Riverton.  What a spot!




All the old boats in Riverton

They float around in between the rocks
If you drive too quick (oh, way oh)
You miss the main street with all the shops


There’s a cool flax mill and house
Sold for a dollar don’t cha know

And a big playground (oh, way oh)

There was a soundshell, it had to go


All the kids fight for hump back skids down the



Life rocks in Riverton


There’s a new museum, Te Hikoi

It’s got a cool train out the front

Aparima, oh way oh

Is where the surfers have the fun

If you want to find takeaways

Taramea Bay is hot

Or Mrs Clarkes (oh way oh)

They’ve won awards for the food they got


Foreign types and Sunday drivers go

Way way way way way too sloooow

On the way to Riverton.

Life rocks in River…ton…..