Song for a Suburb - Te Anau!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 27 July 2016, 12:35PM

The Suburban Jinglers were back in action again this morning and this week they wrote as song for Te Anau.  Apparently not their best work, but catchy all the same.


Driving away

Gonna take a holiday

Take a boat out on the lake

Or maybe hang with Glow Worms in caves

See the Takahe

They’re endangered and they hang out down in


Tay-Ah-No (Tay-Ah-No)

Tee Ah-Now (Tee Ah Now)

Milford Sound

Close to Te Ah-noooooo


In the summertime

Walk the Kepler

OrGet a feed at Miles Better Pies

James said we had to put that in

I’ve had a few of them

Your pie obsession is worrying me (I’m sorry)


Tay-Ah-No (Tay-Ah-No)

Tee Ah-Now (Tee Ah Now)

Take a cruise

On Lake Te Ah-noooooo