Song for a Suburb - Waikiwi!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 29 June 2016, 12:04PM

Possibly the best song yet from the Suburban Jinglers!





 When I find my animals in trouble

The veterenary’s who I see

There’s one near the shopping centre

In Waikiwi


When I need to hug my Nanna

I visit her at Vickery (court)

It’s right next door to Countdown



Waikiwi, Waikiwi, do your groceries  in Waikiwi

There’s a brand new swanky tavern in Waikiwi


And in my hour of hunger

When I wanna have some steak for tea

I walk the stairs to Ainos

In Waikiwi


There are so many caryards

It seems that everyoooone’s  LMVD

You’ll find them all down North Road

In Waikiwi


Steak for tea  in Waikiwi

If you want a treat there’s a bakery

You can also buy a tractor in Waikiwi


Waikiwi, Waikiwi

If you want some trees there’s a nursery

You’ll find it all down North Road, Waikiwi……