Song for a Suburb - Windsor!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 20 July 2016, 9:37AM

It's song number 7 for The Suburban Jinglers and this week they tackled Windsor!



In Windsor Yeah


I know a place where

You can go and get everything you need

You can buy a coffee or some clothes… for your baby

There’s a neat school

It’s called Windsor North Primary

You can buy new shoes

& Walk across the street to the public loo


Windsor Motors can lift the cover

& Look inside your car

If you want gifts

Found My Way’s a great place to start


 There’s so much to see

And so many pharmacies

In Windsor, yeah

Become a millionaaaaire (maybe)

at Windsor Stationery (AND LOTTO!)


Do your groceries

And rent your DVDs

In Windsor Yeah

Neil Familton will

Fix you when you’re all jacked up


And if your house looks tired

Interior Girls inspire

In Windsor Yeah

If you need some wine

They’ve got a cute bottlestore


Get a new hairdo

And do your banking, too
In Windsor yeah