Estelle Takes Sneaky Pics of Boss After Being Told She's Dressed Like a School Girl

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Monday, 30 May 2016, 4:24PM

Some days  they notice I’ve had my hair done.

Some days they freak about my shoes.

Today…………there was a suggestion that I’d come dressed in my school uniform. What the?!


Although on closer inspection -  slouchy socks with a grey band at the top, stompy black boots, mid-calf skirt and thin roll neck merino, are all representative of the school uniform days.

And if I got rained on at the bus stop I’d probably smell like a wet sheep same as I did for most of my days in third form!


Thing is, I love this look now. A much cooler, funkier school uniform vibe than the original right?

And rust orange is just so NOW #fashionguru ha!

Us girls have it hard getting ready for work and double that up for me, if I have something on during the day then here for the Night Show  it’s a double outfit day.

Wait….add a run with the dog in my active-wear, making it a triple outfit day.


Maybe it would be easier for us to have a work uniform?

Some of you do. Do you hate it as much as we did during our school uniform days?

It’s the ironing that would get me down, although mindless ironing and a show on LightBox mix quite well.


I digress. Back to the passing ‘school uniform’ comment.

How can any of our cheeky guys possibly give comment on what we wear when they pretty much wear the same thing every single day.

Take our boss for example. I took it in my stride to take a couple of secret photos of him ( I know! Creeper!)

I swear he’s been wearing the same jeans since he arrived back in January and all he does is tag team in a different shirt, of which there are about three – pink, white and a stripy number.

It’s not like he takes any pride in his choices like us girlies, whether we’re school uniform reminiscent or not.

Check the one with his gut out in a meeting room, eeekkkkkk!

How ‘bout the shot of him and one of our other main guys – SHORTS. Shorts at work!



Ladies, we have it hard with our fashion choices, on a daily basis.

But if you’re anything like me, dress for yourself and the rest will fall in place.