Celebrity Classroom - Room 7 Westbrook

Publish Date
Wednesday, 16 October 2019, 4:02PM

Every week The Hits Team and Kori The Penguin from Rotorua Aquatic Centre visit our chosen 'Celebrity Classroom'.

The lucky students get some freebies (including an Aquatic Centre pass), and we have a chat to the kids about a few things and play some of the answers back on the radio the following morning between 7.30 & 8am.

This week, it was Room 7 at Westbrook... we talked about who might win the rugby world cup, who the mayor of Rotorua is and what the mayor does, the game Fortnite, and where the kids went for the holidays.

Click the play arrow in the picture to listen to what the kids had to say.

Thanks Room 7 for having us!

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