Stace, Mike & Anika Moa - Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2020

Mike Puru grew up in Gore, he has practically no experience with speaking Te Reo Māori or knowing about his culture but is striving for that connection. We have Anika Moa, who grew up in Christchurch and has a strong connection with her culture. She's covered in Tā Moko (tattoos) and makes a huge effort to use the language in her normal vocabulary. And then we have Stacey Morrison, who grew up in Christchurch, and had no experience with the language until she reached her 20's and realised she wanted to strengthen her connection with her culture. Since then she has become a Te Reo Māori ambassador in Aotearoa and constantly acts as a guide for anyone wanting to learn about and experience the culture.