The Testing Lounge: Tracy learns when wine is at the optimum temperature!

One of the problems when it comes to wine, is what is the right temperature to enjoy them at?

Thankfully, Taylors have a solution!

Family-owned winery Taylors Wines are pioneering the movement of correct drinking temperatures at home with transformative technology on their bottles.

On the back of Taylors Wines' Estate and Promised Land bottles, you’ll find an Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor which changes colour depending on the temperature of the wine within. In a simple but stirring piece of technology, simply swipe your thumb over the sensor and you can see when your wine is at its perfect drinking temperature.

Temperature is hugely important when it comes to a wine's flavours and aromas that disappear when the heat is too strong, so Taylors are pioneering the movement in chilling your reds for half an hour before serving. Likewise, keeping your white wine out of the fridge half an hour before serving rejuvenates its integral tasting notes.

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