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Are you suspicious your partner is on Tinder? Here's how to find out...

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 11:22AM

If you have ever been worried that your partner may be using Tinder, there's now a way to find out.

For just $4.99, website Swipe Buster will search Tinder's catalogue of users to see if your other half is one of the 50 million people using the dating app.

All you need is their name, age, gender, location and a predict on where the person probably last used Tinder.

You don't need your own Tinder account, but you do have to give Swipe Buster your email address so it can send you the results of your search.

The website works by searching public Tinder user data, which includes the names, locations and the last place users swiped, reports the Telegraph.

A spokesman from Tinder, which launched in 2012, said it wasn't concerned about the privacy of its users: "Searchable information on Swipe Buster is public information that Tinder users have on their profiles. No private user information is being made public. If you want to see who's on Tinder we recommend saving your money and downloading the app for free."

Swipe Buster wasn't designed for snooping partners, but to highlight the privacy issues associated with oversharing online. The developers said they accessed the data in the same way as other third-party apps.

"We decided to show people an example of how much data about them is available, by answering one of the bigger questions in relationships, is he or she cheating on me?" said a spokesman from Swipe Buster.

"This is not a Tinder-specific issue. People have way too much information about themselves available publicly, and should be aware of the privacy settings on all the services they use. Hopefully this conversation will remind a significant amount of people of that."