Do something Tree-Warding to help New Zealand Waterways

Publish Date
Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 8:52AM

Native trees can help improve water quality, so here’s an easy way to do your bit for New Zealand’s rivers, lakes and streams. Here’s how:

Donate a tree

Head to GrabOne and donate a native tree (or more!) to Trees That Count to help our waterways – just $10 each.

Together, we’ll create a virtual forest

Our big, leafy goal is to build a massive ‘virtual forest’ of native trees to be planted next year, so watch it grow here. Or like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and help spread the word using the hashtag #thevisionisclear.

Then together with Trees That Count we will get your trees in the ground at planting projects across New Zealand in 2020.

It all adds up to healthier waterways

Native trees really are Tree-warding - when planted near waterways they hep reduce sediment and filter out nutrients before they help reach the water. They also prevent soil erosion, reduce greenhouse gases, and provide shade and habitats for birds, fish and insects - all adding up to the healthier waterways. 

Every tree planted makes a difference, so do something Tree-warding today!

100% of your donation is passed to our charity partner Trees That Count, and will result in a real native tree in the ground

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