Win Cash By Watching Jono & Ben: Good Sports

To celebrate Jono & Ben: Good Sports a brand-new show with Jono & Ben who are meeting local heroes and taking part in weird, wild and wonderful sports The Hits has your chance to win cash.

NZ has long punched above its weight on the world stage but there is more to us than our everyday codes. From racing lawn mowers to chilli eating, Jono & Ben are going around Aotearoa to find our countries unsung sporting heroes!

While you’re watching the weekly episode, text your name to 4487 and the following morning be listening to Jono and Ben to hear your name called. If your name is called, you have 60 seconds to call the boys, if you don’t, the cash will jackpot to the following week!

Don’t miss Jono & Ben: Good Sports Starts Thursday September 9th at 8pm on TVNZ 2