Three contestants on The Chase labelled "thieves" for their cunning tactic

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 11:57AM
Photo / ITV

Photo / ITV

With so many contestants on the show, to reach infamous status on The Chase, you have to commit a horrible quiz crime, and a crime is exactly what this last group has committed.

Even though they didn't kill anything, apart from sportsmanship that is, what they did was the worst possible move to pull on a teammate no matter what you're doing.

Even though they all went home with close to $4000 each, the money truly belonged to Darragh who pulled in £9000 while his teammates all opted for negative amounts.

After Darragh reeled in this handsome amount, Micheal went for a measly £300, Carole chose -£1000, and Georgia added insult to injury by choosing -£2000.

There's even a petition for Darragh so he can recoup his money, or at least get another shot at the show.

As usual, the people of Twitter were quick to jump on this event and make fun of it, here's the best of them:

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure: