Katie Price sparks outrage with her plans for her son's 18th birthday

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Thursday, 13 July 2017, 10:00AM

Katie Price has revealed she is considering hiring a prostitute to have sex with her son Harvey when he turns 18.

The 39-year-old former glamour model's oldest son - her child with retired soccer player Dwight Yorke - is now 15 and suffers with multiple disabilities including autism, partial-sight and Prader-Willi syndrome.


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Since he started puberty, Katie has been wondering what will happen in his romantic life and whether or not she should introduce sex to him.

So during a recent discussion with her husband Kieran Hayler, the pair talked about whether it would be a good idea to hire a woman to take his virginity when he reaches adulthood.

Katie confessed her plans during a panel discussion on 'Loose Women' with author Kathy Lette. Lette has been very public about her autistic son Jules Robertson, whom she contemplated hiring a prostitute for when he was 20 because he couldn't find a girlfriend.

Talking directly to Kathy, Katie said: "My son Harvey has got autism and he's now 15 and naturally at 15 you go through puberty and it's natural to experiment with yourself. I had read what you said you would do. Your son is high functioning with autism but Harvey is the different end of spectrum, so is it fair for him to experience it (sex)?

Kathy then answered: "I think you wait and see if he's angst ridden about it and if it's an issue for him. And for Jules it really was."

Viewers were quick to share their opinions on Twitter, and not many were agreeing with her plans...