Apparently we've all been doing our washing wrong...

Publish Date
Friday, 25 May 2018, 10:01AM

HATE doing the laundry? You're not alone.

But even though you've been washing your clothes for years - thanks to the lessons your mother taught you as a youngster - it turns out mum's outdated laundry habits can actually cause unnecessary damage to fabrics, fit, and more.

From using too much detergent to leaving your zippers unzipped, we've got all the 'dirt' on how you're most likely doing your laundry completely wrong...

  • Stop washing clothes after every use.
    Unless you sweat a lot or smell terrible, you’re better off saving energy and water by repeating outfits. Bonus: your clothes won’t wear out as quickly.

  • Ditch the softener.
    You shouldn’t use fabric softeners with towels, or overdo fabric softener in general. Instead use white vinegar!

  • Don't overloading your machine.
    Your clothes don’t come out as clean, and you’re increasing your chances of creasing. No one wants creasing.

  • Don't use too much detergent.
    Using too much detergent can actually leave your clothes dirtier. Experts recommend ¼ of a cap per load.

  • Jeans are special.
    Some people don’t wash their jeans very often to avoid fading. If you do wash them, turn them inside out, wash cold, and hang to dry.

  • ALWAYS make sure zippers are zipped and buttons are unbuttoned.
    Open zippers can destroy your clothes, and buttoned buttons will weaken the threads that hold them.

  • Never let your damp clothes sit.
    Wet clothes are building up bacteria as they sit in your machine. Not to mention, they smell.