Bride-to-be slammed after admitting she’s 'disappointed' with $10,000 engagement ring

A bride-to-be has been branded "ungrateful" after admitting that she was disappointed by the engagement ring she received from her fiancé which cost just shy of £5,000 (NZ$10,000).

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet seeking some advice on what she should do about her underwhelming ring, deeming the 0.8ct diamond ring too

"When he opened the box the first thing I thought was 'it's small'," she wrote on the forum.

"He had it made from a reputable firm and it cost just shy of £5k NZ$10k). I know - this sounds awful … but for that money surely I shouldn’t be feeling this way?"

She continued: "I’m not a shallow or fickle person I promise, I’m working class and love my fiancé with all my heart - but I’m struggling to get past this and being soul destroyingly honest in the hope someone can give me some good advice."

Mumsnet users were quick to criticise the woman, with one person writing: "Wow, I am sorry, but how ungrateful are you?

"You should love what that ring represents, the effort, money and time he went too. No, you should not broach the subject."

Another wrote: "You come across as very spoilt and entitled. Suck it up and be grateful for what you have."

"Fundamentally the size of your diamond and floating above other people’s rings is more important to you than the man’s feelings who took the time, effort and a lot of money to furnish you with it," another user pointed out.

"So be grateful," another simply wrote. "Don't act like such a stuck up spoilt so and so and either split up or love the ring as much as the person it came from but don't moan about it."

However, one user said they could relate to the bride-to-be’s ring disappointment and shared some advice.

"When I was given my engagement ring I too was disappointed and felt similar to you," they wrote.

"I think your main issue is that the ring was so expensive (for the diamond size) and so it’s perceived you are ungrateful. I think people are missing the point. It’s not the cost but the look that you are upset with.

The commenter then went on to suggest that if the bride-to-be did want to bring up the issue then she should do so "carefully".

"Only you know how he will react," the user wrote. "His pride might well be quite dented so tread very, very carefully and diplomatically. Good luck"