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Cheap Kmart vacuum cleaner becomes internet success

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 11:12AM

A Kmart vacuum cleaner being sold for $99 in New Zealand has gathered a cult-like following in Australia, with people spreading the word online about how good it is.

"For those who know me I'm a clean freak and vac twice a day with my Dyson stick and then once a week with the upright Dyson," a mum wrote in the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group.

"The carpets always look clean, but I vacuumed yesterday with the upright Dyson then I did it straight after with the new Kmart Vac... OMG I felt horrified but so satisfied all at the same time!"

With many mums in the group sharing similar experiences and rating the cheap vacuum cleaner higher than they would rate a Dyson one, the item has actually started selling out in some Kmart stores across Australia, the Daily Mail reports.

"So I replaced my Dyson which I have had for nine years and is falling apart and I will admit I'm loving the Kmart vacuum," another mum said.

A few mums in the group mention having purchased the cheap vacuum while saving up for a more expensive one but add that they have now decided to stick with their bargain.

The 1200W Upright Vacuum is currently available for purchase from Kmart in New Zealand, through its recently launched online store, for $99.

Kmart New Zealand has been approached for comment.


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