Chef's bizarre but 'genius' trick for cleaning his pots and pans goes viral

Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

Who knew getting blackened pots and pans clean could be so dirty?

Well, apparently one chef did and this bizarre but effective method of scrubbing up the kitchenware has gone viral.

His secret? … Dirt!

That’s right, good old fashioned dirt from the ground.

Italian chef Pasquale Sciarappa took to YouTube to share his cheap and simple, yet effective trick in a video with the caption: "What the cleaning product companies DON’T want you to know!"

In the video, he simply scrubs away the grease and grime that built up over his stainless steel pots with a handful of garden dirt, which he claims the way he cleans his is actually works better than "Ajax" and is "cheaper" too.

Viewers were quick to praise life hack, with calling it "genius".

"This is amazing!" one hack fan commented. "I could never imagine if I hadn’t seen you do it, Pasquale!"

"Shut the front door. I never knew. That's amazing!" another added.

"That’s how the military was trained to clean the old mess kits," one person revealed.

"He's a genius!" one person simply said.

While another fan joked, "I’m going to start cleaning myself with dirt."

Would you give this cleaning hack a go?