Childbirth guide goes VIRAL for measuring dilation using chocolate EASTER EGGS!

Photo / Kalma Baby, Getty

Photo / Kalma Baby, Getty

Womens' bodies are truly amazing … especially when it comes to giving birth to new life.

Now with Easter right around the corner, a Maternity Service has demonstrated exactly how incredible they are with the help of some chocolate Easter eggs.

The helpful "Eggstraordinary Cervix" guide created by Kalma Baby shows each dilation stage – from the 1cm Mini egg, right up to the 10cm Cadbury egg.

The image was shared to Facebook and quickly went viral with mothers pointing out that the chocolate treats should be given as a reward for reaching each stage of dilation.

However, not everyone was a fan.

One person commented that the birthing comparison had left them feeling both "traumatised and peckish", while another added that the diagram "could put [them] off Easter Eggs for life."