Could this the best way to cope with a cold?

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Monday, 12 June 2017, 9:06AM
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It's that time of year when bugs are flying and hacking coughs that should be kept at home infiltrate offices. I'm not a doctor but having already had a cold this season, I've improved on my hot toddy recipe, as well as trying a few other things.

Rest and comfort are No. 1 and chicken soup is a great place to start. The comfort comes in the form of buttery toast. A hand-delivered option from a well-wishing friend or family is obviously the dream result, but try making it yourself if you're up for it, otherwise, there are plenty of good options available to buy.

Spice is something I'll often crave when I'm sick, hoping the heat will clear me out. Spicy Szechuan noodles give you that carb-comfort factor too.

Turmeric is the latest superfood to take the wellness world by storm, but does it actually work?

I tried a turmeric latte from a cafe and it was subtly spiced and very warm and comforting. I tried one the next day from another cafe and it kind of tasted like warm curry milk. Not ideal. Instead, I've taken to adding fresh turmeric to my lemon, honey and ginger drink.

Which leads me to: lemon, honey, and ginger. It's the ultimate in cold comfort. Fresh lemons (try to find someone with a tree), manuka honey, and freshly grated or sliced ginger is the key. I'll often add garlic, a bit of grated fresh turmeric, plus any additional citrus I have at hand - lime, orange or extra lemon. A pinch of cinnamon is my friend Laura's trick, and a splash of whisky, or bourbon, or even rum, will take the edge off (and help with the rest side of things).

Good luck, rest up, and don't forget the tissues.

This article was first published on NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.