Five TASTY chocolate treat recipes to try this Easter weekend ...

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Make it a real choc-fest this weekend with these divine treats.

Recipe: Chocolate marshmallow slice

This marshmallow slice is always popular with the kids because of its texture and sweetness, and they're pretty in pink.

Recipe: Ginger, hazelnut and orange chocolate

Good quality dark chocolate is paired with ginger, hazelnuts and orange, or have a little fun experimenting with different combos of your own. Make it in advance; it will last up to two weeks if stored well. 

Recipe: Coconut rough rocky road

A combination of rocky road and coconut rough, it's two classic chocolates in one magnificent treat. 

Recipe: Chocolate slab

Layers of rich dark and white chocolate with rice bubbles for crunch. Top it with whatever chocolate you fancy ... think M&Ms, Maltesers or mini chocolates.

Recipe: Chocolate crackle

A zesty and nutty chocolate with plenty of spice and a hit of coffee - it's a flavour bomb of a treat, best enjoyed with a cuppa. 

This article was first published on Bite and is republished here with permission.