Here are 15 signs that he could be getting ready to pop the question and propose!

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Women in relationships can often find themselves wondering whether or not their man will pop the question ...

And while they may feel they know their partner inside and out, this is the one topic that always leaves them feeling completely stumped.

However, according to relationship expert Tracey Cox, there are a few signs that could be an indicator that their bloke is ready to take things to the next level and got from boyfriend to husband.

Here are 15 signs the love in your life could be ready to get down on one knee:

  1. He knows you want to marry HIM not just be married
  2. You trust him and he trusts you
  3. You’re easy to live with
  4. You make him a better man
  5. He says you’d make a great mother and both have the same view on having (or not having) and raising children
  6. You let him take care of you
  7. There is a mutual attraction, matching sex drive and desire
  8. You get on well with his friends and family
  9. Your views on religion and politics are similar or they don’t really matter to either of you
  10. You insisted on commitment quite early into the relationship
  11. You keep him on his toes
  12. You both want the same things
  13. You work well together
  14. The timing is right
  15. He loves you