Homemade Mars Bar pods recipe goes viral for being a complete 'game-changer'

Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

If you're a chocolate lover you've probably heard of Pods - the delicious gooey caramel chocolate inside a hardened biscuit shell.

They often fly off the shelves, but now one person has come up with their own cooking hack to make your own giant-sized Mars Bar pods, and Kiwis and Australians are losing their minds.

In a post to the Slow Cook Recipes & Tips Facebook page, one savvy home chef says she's coming up with an amazing recipe to make your own massive pods, and it's incredibly cheap.

The post reads: "Just finished making homemade mars mega pods from my slow-cooked caramel."

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"To make the caramel I put one can of sweetened condensed milk [Nestle brand] in my slow cooker, pull ringside down, filled cooker with water so the can was about an inch underwater and left on high for 6 hours (also put the can on baking paper before filling with water to save it marking the bottom of the slow cooker).

"After the 6 hours, I turned the cooker off and let the tin cool in the water overnight.

"This morning I warmed butternut snap biscuits [Arnott's brand] in the oven until soft, pushed a spoon in the middle of each biscuit to curve them and then let the biscuits cool. Filled the cooled biscuits with caramel.

"Then melted 150g of milk chocolate buttons [Nestle brand] in the slow cooker on high for 10-15mins just until melted and smooth and spread on top of each caramel-filled biscuit. Put in the fridge to set. The caramel is so yummy I had to resist eating it out the tin with a spoon!"

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The woman's post has since attracted a lot of attention, with thousands amazed at the creation.

"Oh wow, this looks amazing! I'm going to head down to the store right now so I can make some," one person wrote.

One added: "Wow! My mum made these and I had no idea you could do it in the slow cooker! definitely trying this!?

Another said: "This is a game-changer!"

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.