It turns out that old wives tale about bananas and pregnant women could be true!

Publish Date
Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 3:20PM

People say some crazy things to pregnant women...

For example, carrying the baby lower in the abdomen isn't a sign that it's a boy, or a girl, or anything other than an indication your abdominal muscles have loosened up a bit.

But one old wives tale that's been circulating for years is that eating bananas before conception will increase your chances of having a boy.

And surprisingly science has proven that this wacky gender prediction is actually factual.

A recent dietary study of 740 women showed that mothers who ate more potassium, a key nutrient found in bananas, before they got pregnant, were more likely to have a boy.

High levels of calcium and sodium were also linked to the birth of a boy.

So if you want to have a girl, our advice is to stay away from bananas!