Mother outraged after discovering 'sexist' cleaning instructions inside daughter's hat

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018, 8:30AM
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A mother-of-two was left "furious" after discovering washing instructions inside her teenage daughter's hat by popular online retailer Missguided, suggesting that "mum" does the washing. 

Sian Robson, 52, was shown the "sexist" instructions by 13-year-old daughter Caitlin and told of her disappointment with the brand, which she said is "all for promoting girl power", the Daily Mail reports. 

The mum called out the brand on Twitter, posting a snap of the offending label with the caption: "Maybe it's just possible dad is capable of putting a wash on too?!" She added the #everydaysexism hashtag. 

Although she is aware the instructions were intended as a joke, she is calling for the fashion retailer to remove the label from its £10 (NZ$18) hats, which reads beneath the standard washing machine guidance: "...or give this to your mum she'll wash it".

Sian said: "At first I didn't believe that a female fashion brand would put something like that on a product.

"My daughter told me to look at the washing instructions in her hat because they are awful. It's not something you would expect to see.

"It just didn't sit right with me. I looked on the Missguided website and I noticed they were all for promoting girl power.

"They seem like a brand that want to encourage young women to break stereotypes so I'm not sure why they would have something like this in their clothing."

She continued: "Although the hat is for adults a lot of their customers are young teens, they should be encouraging them and showing them that men can also do the household chores.

"I understand it was probably just a joke but I think it is quite insensitive. Especially in this day and age, it isn't the sixties anymore.

"I just don't think it needed to be in there, even if they just put 'parents' it's still not really needed. I know they're trying to be funny but it's a bit naff.

"I'm sure that a lot of men and dads would admit that they also help with the washing, it isn't something to be embarrassed about.

"I'd just rather they remove it from the hat, it isn't needed."

On their website, Missguided claims their mission is to "empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be". 

Sian also expressed concerns is insensitive to those customers who may not have a mum at home to do their washing for them.

Since spotting the instructions the mum-of-two tweeted Missguided but is yet to receive a response from the clothing brand.

Sian said: "There are people out there who might not have a mum or parents who can do their washing for them so it is just extremely insensitive.

"I did tweet them and they seem to be really responsive on there. I haven't had a reply yet but there is still time.

"I'm not a person who complains a lot about things being sexist but I can see that these instructions aren't right. Even if it is just meant to be a joke."

Missguided declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.