Mum sparks fierce debate: Can a dad take his daughter into women's toilets?

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Wednesday, 22 November 2017, 8:30AM
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A mother has sparked a fierce debate after revealing her husband takes their daughter into the ladies' toilets when in public places.

Posting on the online forum Mumsnet, she explained how she had told him "women don't like that", arguing that he should take their 4-year-old into the men's toilets.

According to the Daily Mail, some members of the parenting forum agreed, saying "adult men should never be in women's toilets", although others had more sympathy and said they could understand why he wouldn't want to take her to the men's loos.

Several people suggested he should take her to the disabled toilet instead, sparking anger about whether this is appropriate or not.

The discussion began when Mumsnet user AdaHopper explained that she and her husband were in disagreement over whether he should take their daughter to the women's toilets.

Other Mumsnet users were quick to respond, with some describing his decision as "bizarre".

One wrote: "Your DH [darling husband] is bang out of order. Adult men should never be in the women toilets. If I saw him I'd report him to whichever establishment I was in."

Another added: "My dh would never to do this and I have not once saw any man do it. I personally thing it is bizarre that he thinks he has nay right to enter womens toilets."

Others meanwhile had more sympathy with the husband, with one writing: "Men's toilets are grim. I wouldn't want my dd [darling daughter] going in."

Another added: "I've seen men doing this, doesn't bother me at all, I can understand them not wanting to take their daughters in the men's when there's people using the urinal."

Meanwhile, some users were blasted when they suggested the husband could take his daughter to a disabled toilet.

One person wrote: "Don't use the f***ing disabled loos just because because your prissy over which gender parent is with a child."

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.