Mum sparks outrage after putting her two-year-old daughter on a diet

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 11:24AM

Diet and nutrition for kids is a challenge.

Especially when they're constantly bombarded with deliciously tempting junk foods on the daily.

But one mum has divided the internet after admitting she was concerned about her toddler’s weight.

Taking to parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman revealed she believes her two-year-old daughter is “obese” after using a BMI calculator.

"My daughter is two years old. We recently measured her for fun to mark on the door frame," she wrote on the post.

"Then she went into hospital and they weighed her to work out how much medication to give her."

"I put the information into a BMI calculator, which said that she is obese."

“Since moving on to solids she has always had a very healthy appetite and will eat pretty much whatever she's given."

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But the mum went on to confess she's resorted to weighing her tot and has banned her from snacking.

"I have asked the nurse and staff at her nursery about her weight and they have all said that she doesn't appear overweight at all and that the BMI is not a good measure for younger children."

"I have struggled with my weight over the years and don't want to pass my anxieties on to her."

"Similarly I don't want to set her up with a weight problem."

"She is very active and constantly on the go, but I do worry about how much she eats and wonder how much she would eat if we didn't monitor her portion sizes."

Users were quick to slam the mother following her controversial post.

One commented: "She's 2. Leave her be. As long as you feed her healthy food and she's active it's fine."

Another said: "Sorry but you are the one with the problem. You have a disordered attitude towards eating.

"Please get help before you pass it on to your darling daughter… Don’t starve her. The BMI is utter nonsense,” recommended a third.

However, others agreed with her choices.

"I would reduce her meals slightly, if she eats big meals now she will continue to do so," advised one parent.

A second parent admitted: "Both of my darling children are great eaters but I still cautiously control their intake,"

Another suggested: "I would just stop sweet food, apart from fruit, and only give her water or milk to drink."

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