Mum who naps while toddler is left unattended divides the internet - is it OK?

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018, 10:00AM
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A concerned mum prompted a mixed reaction from parents after she asked for advice about a pregnant friend who takes naps while her three-year-old daughter plays. 

Pinkypieeyed shared her worry on Mumsnet, saying that she was concerned the toddler was being left unattended while the expectant mum caught up on sleep, the Daily Mail reports.

She wrote: "Bit worried about a friend who is pregnant with her third. She has a7-year-old and a 3-year0old. 

"She's been going to bed in the day and setting an alarm to wake her up in time for the school run. 

"However, her3-year-old is being left to her own devices during this time. Should I talk to her or AIBU in thinking this is potentially unsafe?"

She later added that the child was left with "activities" to do and while the house had stairgates, she didn't think the friend used them. She explained she thought the mother was going to bed "for a couple of hours".

The post divided opinion with many of those who read it chastising the person for "judging" her friend when she could instead offer help. 

DuckAndPancakes wrote: "I nap on the sofa whilst my one-year-old runs around in the gated room with me.

"I’m exhausted and need the sleep. Can’t afford childcare and no supportive friends (or unsupportive ones that will make threads on Mumsnet) to offer to help out and watch him for me so I can get some sleep."

Another, JackmanAdmirer, advised against broaching the subject, saying: Don't. Your friend won't thank-you for implying she's a bad parent. It's really none of your business. Plus you're speculating!"

However, plenty of people were convinced she should stage an intervention. Sourpatchkid raged: "FFS I'm sick of the 'it's none of your business' line. Child safety is everyone's business. If you think the 3 year old isn't safe, talk to her. If you can offer help, do."

Babyroobs wrote: "Someone I know did this. Her three-year-old managed to let herself out of the house and was found a few streets away."

Tiptopteepe added: "I honestly think this is just reality for people who don't have any family help and who are pregnant and have toddlers. 

"Pregnancy makes you incredibly tired and I doubt many women have not at some point fallen asleep on the sofa whilst caring for their toddler in this situation.

"Try not to be so alarmist about it and just offer to help if you can."

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.