REVEALED: The cheapest day to book flights

Publish Date
Thursday, 6 April 2017, 1:55PM

If you love to travel, then you'll know that the art of buying cheap airline tickets is a bit of a mystery.

However, the secret to purchasing the cheapest tickets has now been revealed.

According to Expedia, you can save up to $85 if you secure a domestic flight 57 days in advance.

When it comes to international prices, they say that you can save as much as $300 if you manage to book your flights 171 days beforehand.

The days you should never buy your tickets? Friday, Saturday or a Monday as they attract the highest prices.

In fact, the same report shows that buying your tickets on a Tuesday will save you around $28 less than the average price.

Thrillist reports that the average ticket could cost you $571 if purchased on a Friday, and $561 if bought on a Tuesday.

Move that buying date to 3 weeks earlier on a Tuesday and you'll knock down that number to $515.

According to Expedia, a long-haul flight that leaves on a Friday and gets back on a Saturday is a whopping 20 per cent more expensive than one that leaves on Thursday and gets back Monday.

The cheapest short-haul flights (less than 6 hours) will leave on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and return on one of those days as well.