Tampon company unveils new video advert showing real period blood

Libra Australia has just gone where no advert has gone before ... and viewers have a lot of feelings about it.

Launching their latest campaign, #bloodnormal, the feminine care brand is depicting the experience of periods openly and honestly in a bid to normalise them. 

And, in an Australian first, actual blood is depicted on a pad for the first time - instead of the tradition blue liquid which is often used to demonstrate absorbency.

"Contrary to popular belief, women don't bleed blue liquid, they bleed blood," the company's tagline reads.

"Periods are normal. Showing them should be too."

But the campaign, which seeks to educate rather than shock, has caused a massive stir online, with many taking to social media to share their thoughts.

Some commenters questioned where the line would be drawn, hypothetically applying the same marketing techniques to other personal hygiene products, like toilet paper and condoms.

While others were more supportive of Libra's message.

"Periods are such a normal and healthy part of life but aren’t discussed in public discourse and they aren’t shown in pop culture," Caitlin Patterson, executive general manager of Libra parent company Asaleo, said.

"We believe that like any other taboo, the more people see it, the more normal the subject becomes."